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We have three levels of Artists: Master, Veteran, and Pro Artists. All are thoroughly trained in the Pinpoint Permanent Cosmetics techniques and practices. All artists provide the same exceptional service and results you have come to expect. Our Pro Artists are in their first year of experience. Our Veteran Artists are within two years of experience, and our Master Artists have 2+ years of experience and proven technical expertise. If you are looking for a more cost effective approach our Pro and Veteran Artists are priced slightly lower than our Master Artists.

Currently we have 3 artists available for booking: Master Artists are Anna (Owner) and Laurie. Leslie is our Veteran Artist. We currently do not have any Pro Artist at this time. Each artist has their own gallery attached to their bio on the About Page. For our artists latest work please visit our social media pages on Facebook or Instagram. Each photo posted is tagged with the name of the artist who performed the service.

 Typically, our clients undergo two appointments for their initial permanent makeup treatment: the first session and a follow-up after 6 weeks. During the follow-up, we can address any adjustments you may want after seeing the healed results.

If you find the need for a third appointment, we provide two options based on the duration since your initial session. These options also apply if you desire a touch-up after a refreshment.

  • $75 for a touch-up within the first 6 months after your initial appointment or refreshment.
  • $150 for a touch-up between the 6-10 month mark after your initial appointment or a refreshment.

Beyond the 10-month period, it is considered a Refreshment. Refreshments involve a single appointment and do not include a touch-up. Typically, clients do not require a touch-up during a refreshment. However, if needed, refer to the above pricing for touch-ups.

(Keep in mind that brows generally last 1-3 years, depending on skin type, age, and lifestyle, before requiring a refreshment. Liner and lips typically last 2-4 years before needing a refreshment.)

At Pinpoint Permanent Cosmetics, we provide top quality permanent makeup while keeping our clients goals in mind. You will find at our salon, permanent makeup is our specialty and our sole focus. Our artists take permanent makeup appointments all day long, every day. Permanent makeup is our passion and our career. It’s what we do best! Our artists are committed to learning and perfecting their skills to ensure amazing healed results for our clients.

When it comes to tattooing your brows, lips, or eyeliner, you want to be sure to find an artist that is performing the service very regularly. Our artists have lots of experience achieve different client goals on all different skin types. Our advanced techniques in procedure and aftercare ensure our clients obtain the best results possible. When you choose us you know that you are going to a place where quality and healed results are proven. 

Great question! The good news is that all our artist are trained in the Pinpoint Permanent Cosmetics techniques and practices. No matter who you choose you will be receiving the same quality procedure and superior aftercare practices that put our clients on track for an easy and beautiful healed result. All of our artist specialize in permanent makeup, it is their career and sole focus. Performing permanent makeup regularly on multiple different skin types is what sets our artists apart from the rest when it comes to delivering the best results. 

Our advice would be to take a look at each of the artists work and choose based on which artists work you are liking the most. You may view their own personal galleries by clicking the ‘Portfolio’ link attached to their bios on the About Page. To view the latest work please visit Pinpoint Permanent Cosmetics on Facebook and Instagram. Each photo posted to social media will be tagged with the name of the artist that performed the service. 

If price and availability is a motivating factor please note that we structure our Artists into Master Artists, Veteran Artists, and Pro Artist. Our Master Artists have 3+ years of experience and typically their first available for the actual treatment is about 8-10 weeks out. (We always have a cancellation list going incase an earlier spot opens we can move your appointment up! Openings for consultations can typically be found within a week or two.) Our Veteran Artists are in their first 2 years of experience. Typically an appointment for the actual treatment can be found within 2 to 3 weeks. Our Veteran Artist are also priced slightly less than our Master Artist. Our Pro Artists are in their first year of experience and priced lower than our Veteran Artists. 

We have 3 artists available for booking, Anna (Owner), Laurie are Master Artists. Leslie is our Veteran Artist. We do not have a Pro Artist at this time.

Please click here to learn all about the different terms we use, what they mean, and what you should book!

All services $200+ will require a 20% deposit at the time of booking. This is a nonrefundable deposit and will be applied to the bill at the time of the checkout. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please let us know 3 days prior to the appointment to avoid a $50 last minute rescheduling fee. Please note the deposit is transferred to the rescheduled appointment. Any cancellations made without rescheduling will result in a complete loss of the nonrefundable deposit.

Our appointments are booked consecutively. If you are more than 15 minutes late we may need to reschedule your appointment in order to respect the following appointments and to provide the quality service for yourself.

View our Terms and Policies here.

Yes, all new appointments include one complimentary touch up between 6 and 12 weeks from the date of the original service. If the touch up can not be conducted before the 12 week time frame a $75 dollar late fee will be applied.  

The easiest way to see our latest work is through Facebook or Instagram. Each photo will be tagged with the artist name who performed the service. If you do not have either of these platforms, please email us and we would be happy to send you some photos.

You can view each artists personal portfolio by going to the About Page and clicking ‘Portfolio’ in each artist bio. To view more recent updated work please view either Facebook or Instagram.

If you have previous microblading or permanent makeup not done by one of the Pinpoint Artists. We ask that you either book a consultation or send us a picture of your brows before booking your appointment. 

All clients that have previous permanent makeup not done at Pinpoint will be considered a new client and charged our new client prices. It is in the best interest of our clients that we reshape the client to Pinpoint Standards and oversee correct healed color, which requires two visits. Moving forward, your future touch ups will be at the discount refreshment rate. 

Microblading is handheld manual method of semi-permanent makeup. With Microblading you ‘draw’ on hair strokes following the natural direction of your hair to make filled in, shaped brows. This is done by etching hair like strokes into the skin and then filling the etches in with pigment. What makes this technique so natural is the skin space between each stroke. This technique makes a very natural realistic 3D brow customized to enhance each individual’s natural beauty!

Microblading is a little more particular on skin type. If you have sensitive skin or have oily skin this technique may not be the best option. In this case a powdered eyebrow will be a more suitable option.

Microblading can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on skin type (normal, oily, dry), age(youth, mature) and lifestyle (retinol creams, sun exposure, chemical peels). On average most people will want a refreshment around 18 months.

Powder Brows can be done using a handheld manual or with a digital cosmetic machine! For Powder Brows we mimic the stippling movement done in drawing and painting to create a filled in brow, similar to the makeup look! The stippling movement is done by ‘drawing’ dots that together produce a color throughout the brow! Ombre is a brow style where the color varies in intensity and is graduated from light to dark throughout the brow.

Powder, and Ombre Brows can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on skin type (normal, oily, dry), age(youth, mature) and lifestyle (retinol creams, sun exposure, chemical peels). On average most people will want a refreshment around 18-24 months.

Each technique may be done separately or in combination. Microblading is a very realistic looking brow and can be more of a daytime eyebrow look. Powder and Ombre Brows are a little more of a defined brow, similar to as if you were to fill in your brows with powdered makeup. Sometimes particularly for someone who has very little eyebrow hair, a combination of Microblading plus a little shading (Powder/Ombre) gives the best result for a very natural looking brow!

If you are unsure, please book the style you are leaning more towards. Then, you may come to your appointment with your brows filled into how you are used to doing them. This will help the artist determine which permanent makeup style is right for you!

Permanent Cosmetics, Permanent Makeup, and Cosmetic Tattooing are all terms used to correctly identify the process of implanting pigments into the skin for cosmetic purposes. The term semi-permanent is reserved for long-wear topically applied makeup. It is misleading to be associated with the tattoo industry because it suggests cosmetically tattooed skin can be reverted to it’s previous unaltered state within a specified time frame.

Professional pigments placed into the Dermis of the skin are considered to be permanent. Results of fading, color change or lack of color are expected and are the result of factors such as skin variations, sun fading, and lifestyle

Facial skin and body skin are very different in pigment retention. All tattoos, whether permanent makeup or body art will fade over time. Permanent makeup is expected to fade faster than body art. The facial skin is very thin and is much closer to vascular system (blood and lymph) and has more sebaceous glands (oil glands) that break down pigment. The facial skin sheds much more often than body skin and based on lifestyle choices facial skin is highly exposed to environmental factors, lotions, lasers, and peels, that all affect retention and longevity.

This depends, on most day yes. If you tend to not wear a lot of makeup. Then more than likely you will not feel the need to add topical makeup to your permanent makeup. 

However, if you are wearing a lot of makeup. You may still feel like adding a bit of topical makeup to your permanent makeup. This is because permanent makeup is healed color within and underneath the skin layers. It will not be as bold and as vibrant as makeup sitting on top of the skin layers. 

Permanent makeup should be thought of as making a better base for your makeup. If you need to run out of the house, jump in the pool, or go to the gym. You have brows, lips, and eyeliner but on the occasion that you are going to a wedding and doing a full face of makeup. You will probably still want to add a bit of topical makeup.

Yes. You must be over 18. Microblading and Powdered Brows is not advised while pregnant or nursing, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes (can be done with a doctor’s note), undergoing radiation or chemotherapy (allowed after completion of full treatment), for any skin diseases symptoms or irritations that appear on the eyebrows, prone to excessive bleeding, or prone to keloids or scarring. If you suffer from Epilepsy or Seizures (is allowed with a doctor’s note). If you are using Accutane, Isotretinoids, or other strong retinoids (after 6 months is allowed). Directly after a Botox treatment (after 2 weeks is allowed).

Absolutely not, in fact the microblading tool is designed specifically so that it does not cut the hair when preforming the procedure. The same goes for the Powdered Brows as well. No damage is done to the existing hairs.

It is best to schedule a consultation to see if we can microblade or tattoo over them. If the previous tattooed brows have faded and are light in color and the previous shape of the brows fits inside the new shape we will be doing then yes we can go over them. However if they are dark or the shape is off then it may be best to have them laser removed first and then proceed with the Microblading or Powdered procedure.

Microblading and Powdered Brows will not fade completely even throughout the brow. The skin will pick certain areas and strokes and those will appear lighter than others. When you start to notice some spots or strokes are lighter than others this is when you will have your color refreshment appointment. This appointment could be anywhere from 8 months to 2 years, on average around 18 months. The amount of time before you need the refreshment appointment will depend on skin type and lifestyle as well as how particular you are with your brows (natural vs. always on point).

Most of my clients would agree that the healing process is quite easy. You will be washing your brows every day with soap and water. This will keep the brows free of any infection and will also aid in having great healed results. Your regular hygienic routine of showering and washing your face should continue throughout the entire healing process.

The aftercare phase is about 10 days long. After the 10 days the top layer of skin has healed and you may put makeup on the brows if you wish. The brows will be darker days 2 and 3 after the treatment. Typically by day 4 the brows will already be lightening up. Most of my clients experience very light flaking, almost like a little brow dandruff, usually lasting 1 day. You will be given instructions and everything you need to have a successful healing process at the treatment appointment.

*No exercising or heavy sweating in the first 4 days. No sauna, swimming in public pools or lakes for at least 2 weeks after initial treatment. No sunbathing or tanning beds for 4 weeks after initial treatment. No tinting, chemical peels or other strong treatments for 4 weeks after initial treatment.

We cannot perform permanent makeup procedures while you are pregnant. Additionally, if you are nursing, we advise waiting until you have stopped breastfeeding before considering a permanent makeup appointment.

During the nursing phase, hormonal fluctuations and skin sensitivities can impact the healing process and pigment retention. As a result, the outcome of the permanent makeup procedure may not be as effective or long-lasting as desired.

Lash Enhancement and Soft Liner are two different ways of tattooing eyeliner. The Lash Enhancement is the most natural and subtle out of the two where a black line is tattooed in between the lashes, giving the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes.

The Soft Liner is the next step above the Lash Enhancement. With the Soft Liner we do the Lash Enhancement plus up above the lash line, for a more enhanced eyeliner look. The Soft Liner gets its name from the way that eyeliner fades up to a powdered edge instead of a harsh line. This keeps the eyes looking fresh and open instead of closing them down.

The Lash Enhancement and Soft Liner will last around 2-3 years before needing a refreshment.

*This service is not ideal for someone with visible broken capillaries near their lash line. Please schedule a consultation if you are unsure whether you are a good candidate.

The eyes are one of the quickest spots to heal and are typically healed in about 5 days. After the treatment saturating the area in water will be avoided and no eye makeup can be used around the eyes for 1 week.

The Lip Enhancement or Lip Blushing is a form of tattooing the lips to create a natural lip color and more defined lip line. The treatment involves lining and shading the lips to achieve a natural-looking lip tint. The Lip Enhancement is not a lipstick look but more of a lip stain.

The Lip Enhancement will last 2-3 years before a refreshment is needed.

*Due to the high risk of post inflammatory pigmentation (brown spots) the Lip Enhancement is not suitable for Fitzpatrick Skin Types 4 and above. Please schedule a consultation if you are unsure if you are a good candidate for this service.

The healing process for the lips is quite easy. The initial healing phase of the top layer of skin takes about 5 days, in which a balm will be applied regularly to ensure the lips do not dry out.

Refreshments are a one-time touch up sessions done on previous clients only. Refreshments can be done anywhere from 1-4 years after the initial appointment depending on skin type, lifestyle, and personal preference on how you like to see your brows, lips, or eyeliner.

Not at all! As an existing client, you can book a “refreshment” session. The cost for refreshments typically ranges from $275 to $350, depending on whether you need a refresh for brows, eyeliner, or lips. Your artist will have notes on your preferred color, shape, and technique preferences. Feel free to choose any artist at Pinpoint for the refreshment at the specified price.

We recommend allowing your permanent makeup to fade by about 50% (the more, the better) before returning for a refreshment. This approach ensures the most natural-looking results for your permanent makeup.

We are Iowa Department of Public Health inspected and approved establishment.

All artists are state licensed tattoo artist and have yearly blood borne pathogen certification.

Safety is very important to us. We only use 100% disposable tools, preventing any possible cross contamination. All blades and needles are pre- sterilized and individually packaged with a trackable lot number and sterilization date confirming sterilization certification. After one time use, all needles or blades are disposed of properly in FDA approved sharps container.

Hands are washed before and after procedure and gloves are worn at all times.  Any machine parts or surface areas that may come in contact with fluids are protected with a barrier film that is replaced for each new appointment.

Treatment set up is thoughtfully done to ensure proper sanitation during the treatment and easy disposable clean up after. Once all tools are disposed of properly, new gloves are applied and all surface areas are cleaned with medical grade, disinfectant Cavi wipes.  

We will not put your health or ours at jeopardy. Rest assured knowing we go above and beyond to ensure healthy practices.

Pain is very subjective. Minimal discomfort may be experienced at the beginning (possibly 5-10 minutes) until our secondary numbing is applied. For all treatments numbing will be applied to aid in comfort. Most of our clients are very relaxed and it is not uncommon for them to fall asleep during the treatment.

A Preparing for Your Appointment link can be found at the bottom of each Brow, Eyeliner, and Lip section on our treatments page.