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At Pinpoint Permanent Cosmetics, education and training is one of our top priorities. We spare no expense training our staff throughout the country with world class permanent makeup educators. Our reputation and expertise was built on an educational foundation, making us a leading choice for our client’s permanent makeup needs.

Our team of experts are certified to provide premium beauty services to women who want to enhance their natural beauty. From eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips we offer high-quality permanent makeup treatments in a clean, safe environment. We pride ourselves on working with extraordinary precision to enhance your best features in a subtle way.

Pinpoint Team

Anna Johnson
Owner, Educator, and Artist

Welcome! I am Anna the owner and educator at Pinpoint Permanent Cosmetics. I’ve been helping women change the way they look a feel as a permanent makeup artist for over 6 years now. I love that something as simple as a nicely shaped brow or eyeliner can make all the difference in lifting ones mood and boosting self-esteem.

After 8+ years in the beauty industry as an esthetician. I did the unthinkable… I flipped a house with my parents, not recommended unless you have 6 months of time to kill! However, I used the money to pay for an advanced permanent makeup education with a European Permanent Makeup Company (Europe is much more advanced in their PMU techniques) and of course to start a business focusing solely on permanent makeup. My goal is that when you walk into the salon you instantly know you’re in the right place. I wanted Iowans to have access to amazing permanent makeup where quality is a priority.

When I am not at the salon. You can find me at home with my husband, son, and labradoodle Milo. I have no problem having three books going at once. Typically, a health book, a business book, and a self-development book. My husband will tell you that I have the most productive ‘days off’ thanks to my love of making lists. Even better if it’s content I can organize into an excel spreadsheet!

I offer the kind of permanent makeup I would want on my face. I tend to like permanent makeup that enhances your beauty. Anything very dramatic or trendy should probably be left to topical makeup. With my clients I not only take into consideration how it will heal but how it will look in 5-10 years from now.

We have a lot of good information on our frequently asked questions page. Take a look there and feel free to send me an email at hello@pinpointpermanentcosmetics.com with any question you may have.

Artist Level: Master Artist

-Anna was featured in, Marie Claire “9 Transformations You Need to See to Believe” and named Clive’s Best Beauty Salon of 2018 and named Cityview Best Local Permanent Makeup Salon of 2022.


Hello! I am Laurie. I have a background in Art, Makeup, and Esthetics. As a wife, mom of two kids, and two dogs. I understand need for enhancing your life and restoring your confidence in a more permanent, hassle-free way. 

Connecting with people is one of the many things I love about being a permanent makeup artist. I thrive in doing detailed work and enjoy rising to challenging situations. I am always striving to perfect my skills. Seeking to understand the cause and effect of a situation is in all likelihood, where my love for fitness streams from. 

My friends and family would say I have a really easy going personality. Aside from spending time with them, I love trying new foods and going to concerts. To date, I’ve seen to over 100+ live bands, too many now that I’ve lost count. But my long lasting makeup tips and tricks for those hot summer days are tried and true!

I generally like to start more conservatively with your permanent makeup, unless you know you are looking for something more bold. I listen closely to my clients requests and concerns, and thoroughly explaining everything for a calming, stress free appointment.

Take a look at our social media for before and after photos. Consultation are always free and it’s the best way to ask any question and to see how your brows will be shaped out.

Artist Level: Master Artist

“Give someone five minutes with Laurie and they instantly love her! She has one of
those charismatic personalities that you just enjoy being around!”- Owner Anna


Laurie Jurgenson
Microblading and Permanent Makeup Artist


Microblading and Permanent Makeup Artist

Welcome! I am Aginda, pronounced like agenda as in the appointment diary. However, the Thai meaning is precious jewels.

In beauty school, I wanted to specialize in brows. Now 4 years later, here I am! I would even testify that I manifested this fun, creative permanent makeup career! It doesn’t feel like work and each day I get to help women feel beautiful and confident. I love the feeling of seeing happy and satisfied clients looking at their brows for the first time after a brow service.

As I hand you that mirror, you can take a worry-free peak, knowing that I double, triple, quadruple check my work, so that is just RIGHT for you. I have a gentle approach and detailed in explaining the process, ensuring ease and comfortability for all my clients.

When we are not discussing the service itself, we will likely be talking about astrology. I am astrology obsessed! In fact, I  remember all my clients by their Zodiac sign! Probably not shocking coming from an INFJ personality type on the Myers Briggs Chart.  I am constantly working on ways to nurture my spirituality to help other nurture theirs!

If you are guided to book an appointment with me, I’ll take care of you! Book online now or call the salon to set up your visit!

Artist Level: Master Artist

“As a beauty professional, one of the best things you can do is have a commitment to knowledge. Aginda’s love of learning is what puts her in front of her industry and fuels her passion. And that shows up in her work!” -Owner Anna Johnson


Hello! My name is Allison, I am a photographer, artist, and now permanent makeup artist!

Ever since I can remember I have LOVED makeup. The ability to enhance your natural beauty and highlighting your features was magical.Especially for a redhead where your features are….. not so noticeable! Finding a career as an artist is tricky. I have always wanted a career where I can work with people and help to improve their happiness.

I lived in Japan for 3 years and it was there that fell in love with the beauty industry. It wasn’t until I moved back to my home state of Iowa that I found Pinpoint Permanent Cosmetics. It was a no brainer. I became OBSSESSED with permanent makeup and the intricacies and skill set it took to be successful. I can finally say I have found my dream job! Not only do I get to create each and every day, but I get to help other people feel their very best. WIN-WIN.

As a permanent makeup artist, it is my goal to achieve the most natural effortless look to bring you the convenience of no longer struggling with shape or feeling bare with a fresh face. During our appointment, we go in depth about what you are wanting. I hear your frustrations, I hear your goals, to help see YOUR vision. Together we will build your dream brows.

Check out my work on our Instagram, I would love to meet you!

Artist Level: Master Artist

“When Allison is working I hear nothing but laughter coming from her room. She is highly personable and makes everyone around her happy and feeling good!” -Owner Anna Johnson


Allison Joss
Microblading and Permanent Makeup Artist

Pinpoint November 2022-10 1

Francesca Palma
Permanent Makeup and AAM Board Certified Artist

Hi, my name is Francesca! I am a Permanent Makeup Artist with a background in Art and Cosmetology, and I specialize in Powder Brows and Lip Blushing.     

I am from New Jersey where I became a licensed Cosmetologist in 2017. Growing up as the youngest of four girls and always being attached to my mother’s hip, it was no surprise that I would end up being a beauty professional. From the start of my career, I juggled with wanting to be a hair and makeup artist or a tattoo artist, and after meeting other influential artists along the way I found permanent makeup. In 2019, I obtained my license form the prestigious American Academy of Micropigmentation and that’s when I blended my love for beauty and tattoos. I would say I get the best of both worlds!

I became a Permanent Makeup artist because I wanted to do something unique in this industry. Permanent Makeup gives me the opportunity to enhance people’s confidence by enhancing their natural beauty. Whether it’s a new mom who has less time for herself in the morning, or someone who lost their hair from a health-related situation, there is no better feeling than helping a client feel their best.

Art was the only hobby I ever cared for from a very early age and it taught me things that I now apply to my career, my favorite part being Color Theory. Whether I am mixing paint or pigments, you can sit in chair knowing I can find the custom color right for YOU! I am an honest artist and although I strive to give you what you desire, I will always give my professional and artistic opinion on what will LOOK and LAST the best for each individual client.

It is my top priority to make sure that any client that sits in my chair feels comfortable so if you want to chat about life or have some quiet time for yourself, I want to give you the exact experience you want. Although what I do is exciting, I also know change can be intimidating. I want all of my clients to know that you can feel safe to voice any questions or concerns and I am happy to share my knowledge with you!

Artist Level: Master Artist

To those I have already met, thank you for trusting me and to my future clients, I’m excited to meet you!

“I am convinced Francesca was born to be a Permanent Makeup Artist. From the very first appointment I oversaw I was blown away by her expertise, cleanliness, and patience to create quality permanent makeup for her clients.” -Owner Anna Johnson




Enhance your natural beauty

OBSESSING over our client results 😍

These transformations are a daily reminder of why we love doing what we do!

Permanent makeup is an amazing and great way to enhance your natural beauty & keep you feeling confident 🥰

If you are considering getting permanent makeup then send us a DM so we can answer any questions you have!

Have the best day.x

Our brow mapping rules will help you achieve the most pleasing shape for your individual facial features.

We don't like to use stencils. We find it best to build your brow from your facial features and your brow hair. This will always give you the most flattering brow!

📷 Healed Powdered Brows by Laurie before the 6 week touchup.

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Less irritation to your skin = better healed results, AND it means you can go enjoy the rest of the day as you please! 🫶

Our clients DO NOT have to hide out after their permanent makeup appointment. Why?!?! Because we take care of their skin during the appointment with high-quality products and practices!

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We are overwhelmed with the amount of bookings we are receiving, thank you to all of our amazing customers! 🥰

We don't want to have to turn anyone away, so please plan ahead and book your appointment before they fill up!😱

✨ Direct message us to book a free consultation!

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1st picture healed after 1st visit. 2nd picture is after 2nd visit of the powder brow by Francesca.​​​​​​​​
All of our new appointments include a 6 week follow up visit. We like to stay conservative on the first visit while we are still getting to know your skin and how you take color. Our 2nd visit is when we can go bolder, thicker, or darker if you wish. This photo is also a great example of how brows will look bolder initially, but then once healed (1st photo), they soften and look more natural. ​​​​​​​​
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