Preparing for Your Lip Blushing Appointment

*Due to the high risk of post inflammatory pigmentation (brown spots) the Lip Blushing is not suitable for Fitzpatrick Skin Types 4 and above. Please schedule a consultation if you are unsure if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

4 Weeks Before– Stop the use of any retinol products, chemical peels, laser treatments, Microneedling, or any resurfacing treatments during the 4 week prior to the appointment. No lip fillers with-in 6 weeks before your appointment. Please decide on your antiviral or vitamin plan. See below for details.

5 Days Before– Stop the use of any products that thin the blood, that are not medically prescribed. Medications, Aspirin, Advil, ibuprofen or fish oils should be stopped 5 days prior, if possible. Tylenol can be taken for aches and pains within the 5 days. Discontinue the use of any age defying products that may contain any acids.

3 Days Before- Moisturize the lips regularly. Dry lips will not take the color properly so it is important not to skip this step.

24 Hours Before– Please limit any alcohol the night before and limit caffeine and/ or coffee the day of the treatment. 1 cup of coffee or caffeine is okay. No tanning 24 hours before of the treatment.

 We have a strict 5 day rescheduling policy, due to the fact that a potential candidate to fill the spot would need to avoid products and medications 5 days prior to the appointment. To avoid an unwanted charge please review our cancellation and rescheduling policies here.

Antiviral or Vitamin Supplements

Option 1: Due to the possibility of developing a cold sore, it is highly recommended to take Valtrex the day before, the day of, and then again 3 days after the treatment. Valtrex is an antiviral to help limit the risk of an outbreak. Your dentist or doctor should be able to prescribe this to you over the phone with no appointment necessary.

Option 2: Another option would be to take L-Lysine vitamins everyday 2 weeks before and after your lip treatment. L-Lysine supports the immune system and can be found in the vitamin section at most drug stores. This is a less effective option compared to the Valtrex. If you commonly experience cold sores, Valtrex is a better option.

*These are only recommendation. You do not have to do either. However if an outbreak occurs the color will not retain in that area and an additional charge may be applied to re-do the area.

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