Preparing for the Days After Your Treatment

*Please consider all below rules when booking your appointment. Keep in mind any vacations, events, facial appointments or outings that would interfere with the recommended aftercare in order to avoid any negative healed results.

No heaving sweating for a minimum of 4 days. Sweat is salts, we use salt to remove permanent makeup. Please avoid sweating during the aftercare phase to ensure the best results. If you are an avid workout person (4+ times a week) know that your permanent makeup may fade out at a faster rate and earlier refreshment may be needed.

No swimming for 10 days after your treatment.

Avoid the use of any facial products (e.g. anti-aging creams or acne products) that would contain any acids and retinoids until after you have completely healed, 4-6 weeks from your touch up appointment.

Avoid any facials, chemical peels, laser treatments or resurfacing treatments until after you have completely healed 4-6 weeks from your touch up appointment. The more aggressive the treatment you are desiring, whether it be a harsher chemical peel or resurfacing treatment, the more time that is needed after the permanent makeup treatment.

No tanning for 4-6 weeks after the treatment. Tanning during the healing process can negatively affect and darken the pigment color. Please refrain from tanning.